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Поводок для собак Ferplast  DERBY GA12/200

Поводок для собак Ferplast DERBY GA12/200

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370 грн./ед.

Минимальная сумма заказа — 270 грн.

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Поводок для собак Ferplast DERBY GA12/200Поводок для собак Ferplast  DERBY GA12/200
370 грн./ед.
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Информация для заказа
Derby GA is the ideal dog training lead and it is original and functional at the same time. In fact, it is made from twisted nylon cord covered by elegant eco-friendly leather with stitching in a contrasting colour.
It is a classic and elegant product but it is also sturdy and can withstand dog's pulling, thanks to the inner tubular structure, made with the care and attention that characterizes all of Ferplast's products.
Derby GA is extendable to a maximum of 200 cm and is equipped with a system of rings and double metal spring clips.
This training lead is available in various colours, with a single length of 200 cm and cord circumference of 12 mm.

You can combine it with other products in the same range at any time: collars, traditional leads and Agila Derby ergonomic harnesses. The special way in which these harnesses are made is patented by Ferplast and they are equipped with a micro-adjustment system that allows perfect adaptability to your furry-friend's size.

  • Training lead for dogs
  • Elegant eco-friendly leather covering
  • Internally made of tough nylon cord
  • Refined contrasting stitching
  • Equipped with a system of metal spring clips and double rings
  • Adjustable length: max 200 cm
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Available in various colours
Производитель  Ferplast
Страна производительИталия
Вид животныхСобаки
Дополнительные характеристики
РазмерØ 1,2 cm x L 200 cm - unica
  • Цена: 370 грн./ед.